Friday Favorites - Monochrome Magic

What are your thoughts on monochrome outfits? Boring? Too much of a good thing? Or do you like them? I remember last year when fashion magazines and street style stars were doing head-to-toe red, or green, or grey. And I loved it. But let's face it, head-to-toe black is the original "monochrome" outfit! I agree with some, it can be boring. But it can also be exciting! If you include different textures and fabrics to give the outfit interest, and use accessories that aren't necessarily straight black, I think it's a recipe for success. And could there be anything easier to put together???

Perfection! Love the peacoat, the loafers, and the black skinnies.

A plain black cotton blouse with dark jeans and simple heels, yet, the combination is so much more than the sum of its parts!

Texture added with the leather pants. And the grey flats are adorable!

Seriously perfect "casual Saturday" wear!

Those shoes!!!

The lace blouse is gorgeous and adds so much texture. And I love that she paired the outfit with white pumps - so unexpected!
The quilted jacket adds so much interest!

This is so classic. Head-to-toe black combined with pointed booties. Tres chic!

Here Olivia Palermo adds a feathered bag for interest. And I also love the zippers on the black skinny jeans along with the ribbon choker.

Love the casual suit with the Adidas kicks!

Yes, yes, yes! Perfection!

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Happy Friday!


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