Friday Favorites - Turkey Plates and Platters

Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite holidays, probably second only to Christmas. I love cooking (and eating:)), and tablescaping, but what I love even more is that it's our only truly American holiday. And because it's not religious, nearly everyone celebrates it! It's unifying spirit, as well as the pause it gives us to say thank you for all we have... well, it has my heart.

I don't know when I fell in love with the idea of turkey patterns, specifically vintage transferware turkey plates and platters, but probably somewhere around the time I really got into collecting different plates for the holidays. I love how old-fashioned and charming they are! And really, there isn't much "decor" to be found for Thanksgiving, and this gives me something to display that I love.

My kitchen this year with my Williams Sonoma turkey platter displayed on the kitchen mantel. This platter is not vintage, but I loved it and it had a vintage feel, and I couldn't resist! Platter from Williams Sonoma (on sale right now!)

Tablescape from Stonegable blog. Love this table!

This tablescape I did last year for Thanksgiving using my vintage turkey plates. I hope to do something with them again this year!

These are pheasants, but I'm counting them anyway!

These are contemporary, but they give that vintage feel. Love these!

Tablescape by The Charm of Home blog.

I like to use them as decor as well as use them for serving.

Fall tablescape using my pheasant plates. Full post can be found here.

Get the Look:

I've found a couple of my newer platters at Williams Sonoma and Horchow, but I've had the best luck getting vintage ones on Ebay or Etsy.

Happy Friday!


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