Friday Favorites - The Top 7 Best Holiday Scented Candles

I absolutely love scented candles, but my two favorites are pumpkin in the fall and holiday scented in the winter. However, I don't know about any of you, but many times they just don't meet my expectations. They are either cloyingly sweet, or too strong, or worst of all, non-existent! And since they are usually not cheap, I hate being disappointed once I get them home. Believe me when I tell you I have purchased a lot of winter/holiday scented candles! So, I decided to share with you my absolute no-fail, perfectly scented, long-lasting ones. This way, you don't have to try them out, or be disappointed, or waste money. These are the best holiday scented candles around!

So here they are, in no particular order....

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The good news is this Balsam & Cedar soy-based candle by Illume smells so good! The bad news is it seems to be sold out in a lot of stores. However, I did find it here, and a smaller, more affordable size here, and here.

This candle actually started my obsession with Christmas candles! Joie de Noel by Votivo is an amazing scent and unlike any other I've ever smelled. It's Christmas-y, but not just because it smells like pine. There are other elements in it like rosemary that make it much more than that. When I burn this, people always comment on how good it smells and ask me what it is. 

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Frasier Fir by Thymes is exactly like it sounds; with a "just cut forest fragrance." Soy-based.

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White Fir by Trapp is another forest-y scent. Soy-based.


This candle is a new one for me this year and is actually hand-made by a friend. Frosted Spruce by Wynn & Roo smells like fresh greenery with just a hint of citrus. Soy-based.

Tocca Chamonix is a mixture of pine and rosemary. Delicious.
Cyan Magenta Yellow Black:
I've spoken of my love of this company before in my pumpkin scented candles post. They are a family owned, soy-based candle company and they have an array of delicious fragrances. Lately I've been burning the Holiday fragrance, but they also have Christmas, Evergreen Seedlings, and Winter. And seriously, they are all good!

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Happy Holidays!


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