January 12, 2017

Friday Favorites - Green in Design

Green is back! Can I tell you how happy I am about this? And not for the reason you may think. I don't actually care if it's in style, but I love it, and all the time it was "out" I've had the hardest time finding pillows, fabrics, bedding... literally anything in green. What I found was once it was decided it was "out," fabrics lines and stores like Pottery Barn, Wisteria and Ballard Designs discontinued it. All of it! So I would look at a rug or a pillow and within the 3 or 4 color options, green would never be one of them. When I was changing my master bedroom bedding two years ago, I had such a hard time that I ended up buying my comforter on Ebay! It was a (no shocker here!) discontinued green one from Restoration Hardware! 

But now it's back. It's been named Pantone's Color of the Year and I'm seeing it more and more which thrills me to no end. Granted, the Pantone color "Greenery" is a brighter, more apple green than the one I'm drawn to, but I truly love any green. And, the fact that it's been deemed "back" in any shade means we will see more of all of it going forward. I'm still in the middle of making decisions on my own family room re-do and for once, my procrastination has paid off! I originally planned to do it in blues, but now I may do a mix of the two. I adore blue and green together! Green seems cheerful and restorative, especially after the long winter so I suspect that as spring gets closer, we will begin to see it a lot!

Gorgeous! Love this room. By Barbara Westbrook.

Interior design by Karen Davis via New England Home.

Design by Shelley Gordon via Traditional Home.

I'm such a fan of Brooke Giannetti, and she uses green a lot in her spaces. The subtle touches here are just perfect!

Via Veranda magazine.

And what if you are not a fan of green? Or, maybe you like green, but you don't want to change too much or make that big of a commitment. If you have neutral or white interiors, you can incorporate green with plants or flowers.

This timeless kitchen is in a folder I have a tear outs from magazines - and I'm sure it's 10 years old but I still love it! Design by Andrew Raquet.

Design by Rose Uniacke.

Gorgeous living room with very subtle touches of green. Love the mirror! Amy Howard via Traditional Home.

This isn't new, of course, but this cover of The Houses of Veranda with it's subtle touches of greens, blues and blue/greens is amazing!

Designer Suzanne Kasler's dining room.

A lovely and serene bedroom by Brooke Giannetti. Her greens are always soft and subtle.

Adore this space from designer Shannon Bowers. The touches of green just make the room!

Gorgeous soft mint green bathroom. By Huff Dewberry via Traditional Home.

Love this whole space! Charlotte Moss.

I used this to illustrate the Pop of Color trend last month, but I just had to use it again because I love it so much! Evars and Anderson Interior Design.

How adorable is this nursery?! Wow!! AFK Furniture.

Pops of brighter green against neutrals again. Anne Hepfer Designs.

Adorable kelly green front door!

Happy Friday!


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  1. LOVE these gorgeous examples - and I am thrilled as well! You are right, when something is "in" it is so much easier to find things in that color. I have been making lists of things I want to change in my house and lately have been focused on the living room...which makes no sense because my family room and dining room definitely need more attention than my living room! But I just need to switch out two or three things in my living room and I can be done! The other two rooms...ugh, well, they need a little more attention. Anyway, I am thinking about green as well so I am happy it will be easier to shop now. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. I know what you mean Shelley! We all focus on the things that are easier or quicker - but not always the things that need the most because they are more daunting!

      Happy Weekend to you too!


  2. Dear Sheila, I, too, am delighted that "green" is "back". I have been using green for years because it reminds me of the outdoors. When home fabric stores started to discontinue it a few years back, I snapped up everything I liked at rock bottom prices. What is especially great for me is that we are putting our home on the market this year and now my 30 year old decor will seem to be on trend!

    Seriously, I use the colors and fabrics I like (typically quite classic) and careo about no one other than my family's opinion. I design my home for comfort and beauty not to impress design snobs.

    The last 8 years have been dull, grey and depressed. I think that without realising it, the design industry has been influenced by the breath of fresh air and sense of renewal that has begun to sweep through our country.

    Smiles from Charlotte


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