Olive Garden

Those of you who know me know I LOVE antiquing. And one of the things I've been really wanting for awhile now is a vintage olive basket. Like these below:

I think they are just so cool! Would be great for magazines in the family room, towels in a bathroom (or by the pool!).... whatever. I have been looking on and off for the last year, but I have yet to find one here in Los Angeles. There are copies, but with vintage I usually like to have the real thing. However, I'm getting desperate! Vignette Design, a great blog I follow, talked about how she found a repro for $50 at Tuesday Morning! (I, of course, had no such luck!) However, I may have found a solution. There are actual vintage ones sold by retailers that I've seen recently (and they've been appearing on One King's Lane often too, however, those are usually very over priced so I've ignored those). Here are my choices as found at this point:

$119 at Pottery Barn

$89 at Ballard Designs

$69 at The Monticello Shop

Not loving the last one even though it's the cheapest so I will probably go with the Ballard's.  And, unlike an antique store purchase, I can return it if I don't like it, right?


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