Bright Idea

I am ready for Spring! I didn't know how ready I was until our warm spring-like weather that we'd been having turned to rain and cold wind the last couple of days! I know I shouldn't complain as the Mid-west and the East have had such a horrible winter, and normally I love the winter and cold weather, but I guess I am just ready. In order to split the difference between the mercurial weather and my desire for spring, I have been looking for a brightly colored coat. One thing about Southern California this time of year is our weather is very up and down. Our days can start out warm but be quite cold by late afternoon, or we will have a chilly morning that warms up later (or not at all!) Usually the way I deal with this is to carry a lightweight cardigan with me. However, this year I am desperately needing a new coat (or coats!) and I thought if I get a brightly colored one, it would be spring appropriate. Last Fall everyone was talking about the "statement coat" but actually, I think these brights and/or pastels are even more appropriate for spring. Here are some of my inspiration photos (most from Pinterest)......

And, of course, many celebrities have also been sporting the trend.....

After shopping around, I have come up with a few that I really like.  I am especially leaning toward yellow (my favorite color for spring as seen here) and pink (as talked about here and here).  The red seems a little more "fall" to me....

Sweet "soft" pink coat from Zara

LOVING this yellow one, also from Zara

But I must admit, that I love the older J. Crew coats even more! How great is the color on this catalog cover?!

So now, I am looking frantically on Ebay and Tradesy for either a yellow or orange coat from seasons past.... will keep you posted with what I find!

Happy Spring!


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