Friday Favorites - Bergere Chairs

I love a good bergere chair. I think they are actually the ideal piece of furniture. They are stylish and comfortable. More cozy than an arm chair yet not like some upholstered chairs that practically swallow you when you sit down! For that reason, I would say they are more conducive to a living room than a family room. You can sit in them comfortably, yet still have a conversation. In a family room, you want to sink into your chairs! Of course, I love the antique ones the best, however, there are many retailers selling them now with chippy/distressed finishes so you can always get that antique look if you want it.

Gorgeous antique bergere

They look great in almost any situation. They work with traditional interiors, of course, because they are traditional. But they also look amazing in more modern settings.

Love them here mixed with a modern gold table.

Here one is used in a little girl's room - how cute is this?!

This living room has a mix of antique and modern and the bergere works beautifully!

The always amazing Gerrie Bremmerman uses them often. Love them here in a French inspired room upholstered in a check.

This room is more transitional than traditional, and I love that the frames are gold!

This has been pinned and re-pinned about one thousand times - it's that gorgeous! Eleanor Cummings mixes them with other French antiques and covers them in an amazing floral fabric.

Gerrie Bremmerman again!

This antique one is just gorgeous with it's extra wood down the back. This room has antique and modern elements, yet the chair works perfectly. Love the zebra rug!

This one with a bold patterned stripe is interesting, especially when mixed with such a beautiful and formal mantel and mirror.

I love this whole room! Great mix of styles. And the bergeres frames are white but upholstered in a darker grey.

The other great thing about them is you see the fabric from the back. How pretty is this!?

Antique chairs covered in a stripe here. I think it's leather which is a great way to take off that traditional edge. 

Love it in this bird pattern!!

Love this whole room! (goes with my current blue and white obsession and my bergere obsession!)

I recently found my bergere at a resale store. Unfortunately, it's not a French antique, however, it was a steal! I still need to recover it, but I love the lines of it and the simplicity. Many of them have carvings of flowers and other things at the top, however, this one is a simpler version and I kind of like that.

As I said earlier, the antique French chairs really are the prettiest, but obviously, they are also the most expensive. Several retailers, Ballard Designs, Horchow, and Wisteria, to name a few, do a really nice bergere at a decent price. Or scout a resale or consignment store! And if your taste isn't as traditional, try mixing it into a more contemporary or transitional space but using a brighter or bolder fabric. They look great in leopard, or zebra, or bright velvets! The sky really is the limit with these, they are that adaptable.

Happy Friday!


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